Yelp: 5 Stars

Came back to visit Gloria... I mean Dr. Lu :) I love that everything about this place from start to finish is always a five-star experience. From Gloria at the front, who helped me work out a payment plan and schedule for all of the work I need to have done, to Maria calming my nerves and prepping me for Dr. Lu. Everyone here is amazing. I will not go anywhere else for any of my dental needs!

By Megan H. from Pasadena CA  12/16/2015

Yelp: 5 Stars

I should have reviewed them weeks ago!!!   September 11th I went to my "new" dentist because my old one retired.  I had a chipped tooth and my "new" dentist said the only option was a veneer.  At $950 each and 4 were recommended.  What!!!!  They said that was the only option!  
I came here for a second opinion.  This is now "MY" dentist!!!!  This place charged my insurance $118 to fix my chipped tooth... The dentist that said I needed veneers charged my insurance $324 to do nothing!!! Nothing... They looked, made a recommendation but did nothing!  
I love this place!  The receptionist was nice and friendly!  She called my insurance so that I knew any costs before hand.  
The office was neat and clean!  The dentist could have made me wait until my scheduled appointment 3 days later, but went ahead and took care of the chip then and there!  She did not try to over charge me or ask me to pay for things I did not need!   This is my dentist!!!! Love them!!!!

By Celina R. from San Dimas, CA  10/25/2015

Yelp: 5 Stars

I love everybody at this office and can actually say that I don't fear the dentist anymore!
Dr.Lu is so sweet and very through in treatments, always answering questions and explaining exactly what she is doing.
The receptionist and the whole staff are so sweet it will make your teeth hurt [good thing they can fix that]
I can recommend this office to all my friends with confidence!

by Dawnley B., Ventura, CA


Yelp: 5 Stars

I love love love love (can't say it enough) my dentist, Dr. Lu. She is very patient, takes time to make sure I'm comfortable and not in pain during my treatments. She's so sweet.
I love Gloria as well, such a pleasure to chat with her before every treatment- I don't think I've ever encountered her having a bad day! She's always so friendly and gives great customer service.
They are great with working with my dental plan a dare sure to let me know what steps to take for a better smile.

Thanks ladies!!!

by Amanda B., Monrovia, CA


Yelp: 5 Stars:

I haven't been to the dentist in 5 years so having the task of looking for a new one was not something I looked forward to doing. I have the chore to Yelp & hoped that Yelpers would steer me in the right direction and they did!

  • Gloria at the front desk is USER friendly
  • Office is clean(:
  • They have music playing as well as an option to watch tv, Food Network!
  • Dr. Lu did an awesome job with my fillings and wasn't condescending about all the cavities I had X:
  • All the other stuff is also very nice :D
  • Not shy with the Novocaine which was an issue I had with my previous dentist. This makes a nerve wracking a little more pleasant.
  • Dr. Lu also takes pictures after she finishes drilling and shows you what they look like after they are filled.

I'm so glad my she accepts my insurance or I'd probably still be looking for a dentist!

Stephanie P., Duarte, CA



5 Stars on Yelp:

We are so happy to have found Dr. Lu and Healthy Life Dental!

Our family continues to grow (three young boys at the moment) and my wife I knew we wanted a dentist who was good with kids and could help us establish good dental habits from an early age.

Even though we had spent probably too long since our last dental visit, Dr. Lu and staff were very understanding and friendly and put everyone at ease about getting us back on track!

It is clear that everyone at the office puts the patient's comfort as first priority, and such a great balance of expertise and a caring manner from Gloria managing the front desk to Maria assisting and of course Dr. Lu!

Additionally, the staff has always been flexible working with our schedules, an attribute we value highly as a busy family.

I recommend them strongly!

Jonathan B.

Monrovia CA



5 Stars: The staff are all very friendly and efficient. Hardly any wait time. The place is clean and bright. Prices seem reasonable. All a great experience.

Chris D.



Stars: 5.0 - Gentle and friendly to my kids and me.

What a great group of people. I had to say something because the work that was done to me on my chipped tooth was exceptional. I brought my children to their next visit there and they loved it. So gentle and caring...

Chaysew, on Sept 29, 2012


Very glad I found Healthy Life Dental

Dr. Lu is a great dentist and the staff is very pleasant and friendly! Their facility is very nice...modern and clean. I highly recommend Healthy Life Dental.

Lorenad, Sept, 2012


5 Stars: First Visit and treatment.

I am someone who seldom visits the dental office. I needed some work done and a deep cleaning and was concerned about the treatment. Today is the third day after the treatment and the many positive reviews I read were true. The office was very clean, the Dentist was friendly and painless. The receptionist Gloria greeted me as an old friend that puzzled my wife.

Allane, Sept. 2012

Srat: 5.0 - Quick and Gentle

I was relaxed the whole time. Felt confident in the doctors abilities. If there wasn't so much stuff in my mouth I probably could have taken a nap ;)

jasonk, Sep 9, 2012

5 Stars: Root Canal

I am a relatively new patient and continue to be pleased and impressed. My crown prep turned into a root canal which was known to me as a possibility prior to her beginning her procedure. I have never been as comfortable in a dentist chair and the procedure was absolutely pain free. Her equipment is very state of the art making dental visits much easier and less stress for me. I am sure I will no longer have any anxiety when I have to visit her.

Sarag, Sep 1, 2012

Cleaning and fillings

I was very pleased with the office atmosphere. Dr. Elaine was very professional and took the time to explain the necessary procedures. After coming from a very dental practice in Florida, I was looking for the same in California. I think that I found what I was looking for. I want to mention Gloria, Dr. Elaine's receptionist. She is very pleasant and explained in detail what the insurance would or would not cover.

nayaded, Jul 12, 2012

HLD opened about a year ago, not far from Old Town Monrovia and just down the street from the T-phillips restaurant. I've had a few cleanings and a few crowns done here, but unfortunately my new insurance isn't accepted by them. Dr. Lu's attention and genuine care for her patients is outstanding -- and her staff is great too! Gloria at the front desk will take care of you while you're there and can give you plenty of reasons to visit the dentist (I mean, recommend plenty of good restaurants). Each station has its own TV and you're encouraged to watch whatever you want, even during the procedure. The procedures I've had, ranging from a pedestrian cleaning to an anxiety-producing root canal and crown installation, have been expertly completed by Dr. Lu and with great attention to my comfort. The last dentist I went to (Peter Young of Premier Dental Esthetics) was really rough, felt like he mangled my mouth, and was expensive to boot! Take advantage of HLD's in-house insurance if you don't have your own ;)

Dustin ‎ - Oct 20, 2011

Google Place

Stars 5.0 - Pleasant Experience

Staff and Doctor are Very professional and make one feel comfortable at all times. I recommend this office to anyone that is tired of unpleasant dental offices just looking to make a buck off of you.

williamr, Jun 17, 2012

Overall Excellent

My husband needed an emergency procedure done and Dr. Lu was able to accommodate him with such short notice. Dr. Lu was informative and very knowledgeable about what was wrong. I love her modern and high tech office :) I also love how helpful Gloria is! She is the best! She is very friendly and helpful. I have AFLAC insurance which requires documentation by the Dental Office. She has completed multiple forms for me and her response time is fast. My last dentist would take forever to get back to me or sometimes never return the forms, so I appreciate how quick Gloria's turnaround time is.

From Google Places, reviewed in April, 2012

Overall Excellent

They are very prompt and nice! Didn't wait long at all for my appointment, great customer service and the Dentist keeps you informed of what she's doing throughout the process, I got a deep cleaning and everything turned out great, along with great service =)

From Google Places, Reviewed in March, 2012

this is the best dentist I ever been to. very professional and state of the art equipment. i will recommend this dentist to a friend. no doubt about it.

JAG ‎ - Nov 4, 2011

Google Place

Dr. Lu is a skilled dentist- I know - as a former U.S. Diplomat's spouse, I have visited dental practices all over the world, and her natural and learned technique is second to none. Dr. Lu did my entire exam, cleaning, and after agreeing that I had some exposed dentin on four teeth that I brushed too hard for many years, that they could be subject to excess wear since the enamel was really thin and it could possibly lead to a cavity or worse, so I returned to Dr. Lu a week later, she did a procedure that protected the areas (4 teeth), and it is impossible to tell that any filler or work was done at all- the color and shape match was that good! Dr. Lu has the latest in dental technology, and a very nice, clean office, and she has an extremely dedicated staff, and the young lady at the check-in counter is extremely friendly, polite, and helpful. When she found out that my U.S. Government dental insurance only pays $15 for a full x-ray, exam, and cleaning, she was able to help me with a payment plan for the four teeth that I had to have work done on- and showed me how if I pay "X" number of $$ back to the dental finance company, I would never pay any interest on the loan (it was around $500 for the four teeth, but on a fixed income, I just did not have the cash on hand). I will easily be able to pay the $84/month to make sure that I don't have to pay any interest. Dr. Lu's assistant / Dental Tech is excellent as well- she seemed to know exactly what Dr. Lu needed, and Dr. Lu and her assistant were so good with the procedure, I felt NO PAIN, and did not need any Novocaine or gas or anything. Parking is everywhere around the area, and it's easy to find and free;, and it's right around the corner from the "Old Town Monrovia" area which is supposed to have a lot of good eateries and weekly market. Dr. Lu's prices are great- actually affordable- especially here in Kalifornia where my last three cleanings- I have never had a cavity, so my cleanings are pretty simple- cost me $300!!!! Not at Dr. Lu's- her prices are affordable and fair- like what I was used to paying back in the Midwest and Southwest. I can't say enough good things about her and her team, and the whole family is switching over.

Jonah ‎ - Oct 21, 2011

Google Place

Dear Dr. Lu & Gloria,

It was truly a blessing to have stumbled upon Healthy Life Dental, thank you for the extraordinary care you've provided thus far. You both have made me feel at ease and I promise to be a good girl with regular check-ups going forward. :)

Happy Holidays!

Pheap & Chris

San Gabriel, CA

Dec. 2010

Dr. Lu & Gloria made my experience fun & worry free. It’s a very welcome environment. All questions and concerns addressed. Thanks!

1. Overall quality of the procedure: Excellent

2. Effectiveness in managing my pain: Excellent

3. Friendliness of the Staff: Excellent


Los Angeles, CA

Dec. 15, 2010

this place is aweeesomee!

i just switched dentists to Dr.Lu and shes really percise and gentle. all the gadgets are superr hightech. She cares for her patients and makes every visit enjoyable! youre in goodhands, forsure!

Gloria, her assistant is sooofunny &friendly, yay


Arcadia, CA

I recently switched to Dr. Lu too. A great decision! She is really professional and a genuinely nice person too. Minor surgery was absolutely painless, not only during, but afterward too. Everyone is friendly and cares. If you need a reliable professional dentist, look no further. Resonable prices too.


Monrovia, CA

Highly recommend this place. Dr. Lu or Elaine is highly skilled and caring. I took my 5 yr old son for major dental work and Elaine really did a wonderful job. i was so stressed about how my son would react but Elaine and her assistant was really patient and caring to make the whole process easier for my son and I.

The facility is also brand new in a very nice area.


Cerritos, CA

Great Job Dr. Lu

Posted by mikesmith123456 on 10/16/2010

I recently went to the dentist (Dr. Lu). I must say I was very impressed, from the moment I walked in. Very clean office. I did not have to wait at all. X-rays where pain less. She answered all my questions. She is very gentle. I highly recommend her.

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