How To Care For Your Dental Implants

Dr. Elaine Lu, Dr. Nissim Benbassat, and Dr. Chad D’Abilio of Healthy Life Dental in Monrovia, CA, offers dental implants to complete your smile. You can maintain your healthy implants with good oral hygiene habits. 

How To Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Regular Brushing and Flossing

You need to take care of dental implants, like your natural teeth. Brush them twice a day for about two minutes and floss them daily. Flossing can remove food remains and prevent the buildup of plaque and bacterial growth. As a result, you can stop the onset of gum disease or other infections.

Use Proper Materials

It would be best if you had a toothbrush with soft bristles that aren't too abrasive. An electric toothbrush can also be handy. For flossing, a floss threader can be helpful when cleaning around the implant. Instead of using traditional dental floss, try water flossers for a thorough cleaning. 

Avoiding Damaging Your Implants in Monrovia, CA

Some behaviors can damage your implants over time. Biting your nails, opening packages with your teeth, chewing on hard foods, pens, and ice can damage your dental crown. Dental implants can also be affected by clenching and grinding your teeth.

Change Your Toothbrush

Another way of keeping your dental implants sparkling clean is changing your toothbrush every three months. A new toothbrush can remove dental plaque and bacteria from your mouth. 

See Your Dentist

To keep your oral health in excellent condition, you need to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings at least twice a year. However, your doctor may advise you to come to their practice more often if you've issues with your oral health. All in all, regular visits to your dentist ensure that your dental implants stay in good shape.

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